June 27, 2016

DEVIN Spring

DEVIN spring launches new communication campaign

In the beginning of June DEVIN Spring launched new communication campaign aimed at promoting healthy hydration and regular intake of water in the everyday life.
June 24, 2016

DEVIN Mineral

The water police of DEVIN and BG Radio holds its last visit

After six weeks of intense inspections on the hydration of employees in the offices of many companies and organizations across the country, the Water Police held its last visit.
June 17, 2016

DEVIN Минерална

DEVIN awarded by BAAWARDS 2016

DEVIN received the highest distinction in the New Service category from this year’s edition of the BAAwards contest organized by the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers (BAA).
June 13, 2016

DEVIN Mineral

Water Police of DEVIN and BG Radio makes its fourth check together with Nasko from B.T.R.

The fourth check of the Water Police of DEVIN Mineral and BG Radio was held in Plovdiv in the office of Aiger Engineering.
June 13, 2016

DEVIN Mineral

Over 600 children to take part in the DEVIN CUP tennis tournaments

More than 600 children from all over the country are expected to take part in the tennis tournaments from DEVIN CUP this year.
June 6, 2016

DEVIN Mineral

DEVIN and BG Radio held water police again

Simo Kolev from BG Radio, DEVIN Mineral water team and a favorite Bulgarian star will check out whether you drink enough water during the working day.
June 6, 2016

DEVIN Mineral

The water police of DEVIN and BG Radio surprises the interactive museum in Gabrovo

The second sudden visit of the Water Police of DEVIN Mineral and BG Radio took place in the Interactive Museum of Industry in Gabrovo in the end of May.
June 6, 2016

DEVIN Spring

DEVIN supported Children’s Fair on June 1

On the occasion of the International Children’s Day – June 1, DEVIN supported kids’ fair which was held in front of the National Theater in Sofia.